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Lapwing 11052010 1 small

male on 11th May 2010

Lapwing 11052010 2 (fem) small

female on 11th May 2010

Lapwing 27042010 mark stanley

27th April 2010 by Mark Stanley

Lapwing 17042010 1

17th April 2010

Mainly a winter visitor when considerable flocks, sometimes numbering around 100 birds can gather on the fields. In 2010, observers noted birds on several dates in late April and May on the freshly ploughed fields and on May 11th 2010 a pair, including an enthusiastically displaying male, was found near Perrotts Farmhouse, they definitely seemed to have been thinking about setting up territory - unfortunately breeding would probably never occur because of disturbance from machinery, the public and their dogs and predators.

Lapwing 20122009 mark stanley

one flying over the site by Mark Stanley