Canon's farm Wiki

To avoid clogging up the sightings page with butterflies and things over the summer, we have created this new page just for all of the other winged, legged or otherwise wonders that inhabit Canons Farm and Banstead Woods!

As with birds, please email sightings to

Observers so far in alphabetical order (surname): DKC (David Keith Campbell), PGo (Paul Goodman), KJM (Kevin John McManus), RDW (Roy David Weller), P&G (Pauline and Greg).

February 2011

Saturday 5th

Mammals: 2 Roe Deer at Canons Farm (DKC).

December 2010

Saturday 11th

Mammals: 2 Roe Deer (DKC).

October 2010

Monday 18th

Mammals: 2 bat sp. (DKC).

Thursday 14th

Butterflies: Red Admiral (DKC).

Sunday 10th

Butterflies: Brimstone (DKC).

Tuesday 4th

Mammals: 2 bat sp. just outside Canons Farmhouse shortly after sunset, also Brown Rat (DKC).

September 2010

Friday 3rd

Mammals: 2 Roe Deer (DKC).

Butterflies: Speckled Wood (DKC).

Thursday 2nd

Mammals: Roe Deer (DKC).

Wednesday 1st

Butterflies: Small Heaths (DKC).

August 2010

Wednesday 25th

Mammals: 3 Roe Deer (doe +2 young) (DKC).

Wednesday 11th

Butterflies: Chalkhill Blue, Brimstone, Red Admiral, 3 Speckled Woods, Common Blue (DKC).

Monday 9th

Butterflies: Purple Hairstreak, Small Heath, Common Blue (DKC).

Mammals: Roe Deer buck showing well (PW/DKC).

July 2010

Monday 26th

Butterflies: Red Admiral (DKC).

Saturday 24th

Butterflies: 3-4 Silver-washed Fritillaries, Brown Argus, 2 Small Coppers, Purple Hairstreak, Holly Blue, Essex Skipper, Marbled Whites, Common Blue (PGo).

Wednesday 21st

Butterflies: 10+ Purple Hairsteaks in oak near Piddly Pond in Banstead Woods, Essex Skipper etc (DKC).

Tuesday 20th

Butterflies: Green-veigned White, Meadow Browns inc. mating pair etc (DKC).

Monday 19th

Butterflies: Peacock, Gatekeepers, Small/Essex Skipper, Common Blue, 4 Marbled Whites (DKC).

Moths: Six-spot Burnet (DKC).

Saturday 17th


  • several Gatekeepers, 2 Marbled Whites, several Small Whites, Peacock, Red Admiral, 2 Commas, several Ringlets and Meadow Browns (DKC).
  • 4 Dark Green Fritillaries, 2 Common Blues, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, 3 Commas, many Marbled Whites, Brimstone, Green-veigned Whites, Large Whites, Ringlets, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Speckled Wood, Small Heath (PGo).

Plants: Pyramidal Orchid at Legal & General (PGo).

Friday 16th

Butterflies: Marbled White (DKC).

Wednesday 14th

Mammals: Roe Deer doe in middle of Big Field (DKC).

Saturday 3rd

Butterflies: 31+ Marbled Whites (DKC).

Friday 2nd

Butterflies: Marbled White, Small Tortoiseshells, Speckled Wood (DKC).

June 2010

Tuesday 29th

Butterflies: Painted Lady, Marbled White etc (DKC).

Monday 28th

Butterflies: Marbled White, 2+ Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Large Skippers, Large Whites, Meadow Browns (DKC).

Sunday 27th

Butterflies: Small White, Marbled Whites, Common Blues, Ringlets, Small Skippers, Meadow Browns, Small Tortoiseshells (PGo).

Saturday 26th

Butterflies: Small Skipper, several Ringlets, Large Skipper, 2+ Small Tortoiseshells, Red Admiral, Large White, several Meadow Browns, Common Blue (DKC).

Moths: Cinnabar (DKC).

Tuesday 22nd

Butterflies: Small Heath, Red Admiral, Large Skipper, Meadow Brown, Large White etc (DKC).

Dragonflies: 1 unidentified dragonfly sp. (DKC).

Sunday 20th

Butterflies: Large White (DKC).

Saturday 19th

Butterflies: several freshly emerged Meadow Browns, Speckled Wood (DKC).

Mammals: Roe Deer doe with young fawn north end of Big Field (DKC).

Friday 18th

Butterflies: 2 Large Skippers, several Common Blues, Speckled Wood etc (DKC).

Mammals: the sorry sight of the remains of a young Roe Deer fawn north of the derelict farm buildings, not sure whether this was the work of a fox or humans; there has certainly been some human activity around the carcass (DKC).

Thursday 17th

Butterflies: Large Skipper, Red Admiral, Common Blue, Large White +probable Small Heath (DKC).

Wednesday 16th

Butterflies: Large Skipper, Speckled Wood etc (DKC). Mammals: Roe Deer (doe) (DKC).

Saturday 12th

Butterflies: Small Heath, Large Skipper, Large White, Speckled Wood, Common Blue etc (DKC).

Friday 11th

Butterflies: 2 Large Skippers, Red Admiral, Common Blues, Large Whites, Speckled Wood etc (DKC).

Wednesday 9th

Mammals: Roe Deer (DKC).

Tuesday 8th

Butterflies: Grizzled Skipper (DKC).

May 2010

Friday 14th

Butterflies: Speckled Wood (DKC).

April 2010

Saturday 24th

Butterflies: 3 Green Hairstreaks (PGo).

Saturday 17th

Butterflies: Green Hairstreak (PGo).

Wednesday 14th

Mammals: 2 Roe Deer (doe and buck) (DKC).

Tuesday 13th

Butterflies: 5+ Small Tortoiseshells, Comma (DKC).

Thursday 8th

Mammals: Roe Deer (DKC/KJM).

Tuesday 6th

Butterflies: Comma, 5+ Peacocks, 15+ Brimstones (DKC).

Saturday 3rd

Mammals: Roe Deer (DKC/KJM).

March 2010

Tuesday 30th

Mammals: Weasel, 2 Roe Deer (KJM/RDW).

Wednesday 24th

Mammals: Roe Deer (P&G).

Saturday 20th

Mammals: 2 Roe Deer (P&G).

February 2010

Thursday 25th

Mammals: 3 Roe Deer (P&G).

Wednesday 17th

Mammals: 5 Roe Deer (DKC/KJM).

January 2010

Sunday 17th

Mammals: 8 Roe Deer (DKC/KJM).